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Poetry in Numbers

No, no, no not numbers as in 1,2,3; I’m talking about the book of Numbers. Of course, when we think of this book, the pervasive cataloging of…well…numbers immediately springs to mind. The rest of the book seems to be in prose save the well-known  Aaronic Blessing in Numbers 6:22–26. Nevertheless, in the Bible,  just because a […]

Psalm 3

In my last post, I began with a general introduction to things about the Psalms some of you may or may not have known about. Since the Psalms are an integral part of many-a-believers’ lives, I figured I would devote a few more blog posts to them. We mentioned before that the order of the […]

Towards Understanding The Pslams

I recently saw an article covering a well-known topic in seminary circles, but only mentioned in passing within the church. Have you ever thought of the Psalms as a book and read it accordingly? I fear that too often, on a popular level, we simply think of the Psalms as a disconnected series of morning […]

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