Welcome to Hebrew and Geek and thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

The idea for this site was born out of an inner struggle I have personally had. Over the years, I have been asked some permutation of this question—a very valid question might I add: “Since you know Hebrew and Greek, what do you get out of the Bible that I don’t?”

Thus began the inner dialogue I would have with myself over the next few months. I love and cherish the Biblical Languages. However, I realized that in God’s sovereignty not every single Christian will have the opportunity to learn and use them in the same way seminarians and academics do. This inevitably led to more musings on the relationship between the Church and the Academy. They desperately need each other and do, in fact, already help one another in numerous ways. However, this was a bit of a gray area. Scholarship and research that actually affect Bible translations are published at such a rapid rate, that laymen (even some of us in the field!) don’t know where to begin or how to apply these findings. Most literature is either too technical or too watered down. After much thought, I got the idea for this site! Do I think it will single-handedly solve this dilemma? By no means. It is my prayer, however, to bring more awareness to the issue and to serve God’s church with my giftings.

The best way I know how to describe this site is a newspaper with a focus on Bible translation. I hope to accomplish this by implementing three synergistic components.

The first is the translation site. This site is a live and dynamic Bible translation that I will daily update. Each verse contains a drop-down menu which then contains different tabs. The tabs are categories of what went into translating that verse. I try to cover every are that effected the translation from the word-level all the way up to what I will call “The Big Picture”– cross-references, allusions, New Testament use of the Old, etc.

The second component will be the forums. Aside from major conferences, there is little ongoing collaboration between Biblical Scholars and those who understand the languages on issues effecting translation. My hope for the forum is to become a Hub where productive discussion on issues effecting Bible translation can live. Users will submit verses they wish to translate along with justification for their translation. These discussions will then be reflected in the translation site. You can almost think of it as a Bible Wiki!

The final component of the site is the blog. This is where I hope to educate and update visitors about what is happening in the world of Biblical Studies. The more we research scripture, the more we see the bottomless depth of God’s Word. It’s my hope to get this information out as soon as possible! Also keep in mind that, although I realize some interpretation is unavoidable, the point of the blog is to update and present new information, not to interpret it!

If whilst perusing the site the thought strikes you, “My my what a fine and visually stunning site with exceptionally functional features,” all credit goes to my dear friend Will Anderson. He has graciously poured his time into this endeavor and I can’t begin to express my gratitude. If your follow-up thought is, “Boy, I wish I had an awesome site like this,” you are in luck! Will is a front-end developer for this Christian-based company! Thanks Will!

Please enjoy the site and if you have any questions, recommendations, or requests please let me know here (scroll to the bottom)!