Women and Wisdom

One of my professors, Dr. Peter J. Gentry, made a good point in a class the other day that I would like to belabor. Let’s look at Proverbs 1:8. Prov 1:8: שְׁמַע בְּנִי מוּסַר אָבִיךָ וְאַל תִּטַּשׁ תּוֹרַת אִמֶּךָ Prov 1:8: Listen, my son, to the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the torah of your […]

Is Iron Sharpening Iron Really A Good Thing?

Ronald L. Geise Jr. “‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ as  Negative Image: Challenging the Common Interpretation of Proverbs 27:17.” Journal of Biblical Literature 135, no. 1 (2016):61-67. An article recently came out in the Journal Of Biblical Literature that–as per the title–challenges the common interpretation of Proverbs 27:17. This verse has commonly been held to illustrate accountability between Christian brothers and […]