So, you may notice some funky abbreviations on the site. Since the translation/notes will constantly change and be updated, I will also update this page to go along with it.

WFW –  “Word for Word”

DYN – “Dynamic”

You may notice that I translate each verse twice. The first translation is WFW in which I try to be faithful to the exact words and word order of the original. Since this often results in non-sensible English, I will also provide a DYN translation, seeking to communicate the thoughts of the author rather than their exact words. Most translations claim to do exclusively one or the other, but often have to compromise in various places. In order to avoid this conundrum, I decided to provide both to their extremes!

HBCE – “Hebrew Bible Critical Edition”

The book of Proverbs has recently been published in a new academic series called The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition (HBCE for short). In keeping with the spirit of the site, I’m going to record the volume’s most interesting findings and salient features. It is important to keep in mind that this is an academic category. Any findings in this volume that could potentially make a large impact on a verse will be explained in a blog post!